.....the darndest things!! 

Almost daily we have this cute little face coming up with the funniest things that just keep us laughing and makes this the BEST "job" in the world. ENJOY!!

Pixie had a couple snow days that led me to have those days made up for the families. So, I reminded the children that I would see them tomorrow for a make up day. One little girl told her grandma that they need to stop at the store on their way home because she needed MAKE-UP for school.

A boy was itching his foot under his boot and I asked him if he was okay he said, " Yeah, my flippin sock is bugging me."

When talking about firemen and their duties one little girl very convincingly informed us her Mommy use to be a firefighter... Her mom is a teacher, always has been.

During snack time near Super Bowl time, I had football shaped Oreos, one girl told me she only likes the round ones.

A four year old went home and told her Mom that I made her "write letters that were NOT in her name!"

One little girl told her Mom that I "gave her a headache."

 A four year old was playing with a block, pretending that it was an airplane and he asked, "Can you put batteries in this to make it go faster?"

We were making a craft for April Fool's Day and we asked some of the children what they thought it looked like and here were their guesses...

It's a Cat in the Hat, a saxaphone, a bone, a dog, a sock, a sock, It's an elephant, a kangaroo.

Well it turned out to be a bunny on one side and a duck on the other.

A four year old boy walked by I said, "Boy, someone smells good," he looked at me and said, " YEAH, I smell like a MAN!"

We introduced subtraction to several children. One four year old told me, "That's easy! I am doing times tables at home." Yes, he breezed through it.

We always give stickers on the papers they do and this day the stickers were "Scratch n sniff." The child picked one and put it on his paper, we told him to scratch it to smell, he said "Why does it itch?"

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